FGBMFI :: 2020 Port Harcourt National Convention


"Would you like, for a moment, to fast forward your thoughts and vision to 18th November, 2020 in the city of Port Harcourt - at the FGBMFI Event Centre joined by scores of Mini Convention Centres across the cities of Nigeria where our members are gathered and thousands on our social media channels from across the world, persons are gathered, waiting for the move of God's cloud of glory, and an open door of power that will announce them to their world!
The beginning of three days of tremendous, concentrated outpouring of naked and raw power of God to galvanize hearts and destinies into a new realm of grace and power. - A 'lighting up' of men and women who will be corporately and individually dispersed into all the corners of Nigeria, Africa, and the world loaded with anointing to showcase the supremacy of the Kingdom of God for the end-time harvest.
Preparations are notching up; the 'ground troupe' is unrelenting in the push to get all things ready for you to enjoy a stress - free convention. We shall all “Come Forth as Gold” as the wave of Gods Fire in its glory envelope us, burning off all the chaff and bringing forth the glory of God in our lives. The team and I are excitingly expectant because God will do great things. So, catch the Spirit; get registered; register your friends and colleagues; make your reservations and make room to be part of this epoch making convention. I say a big welcome with all my heart. The door is opening already."

- Dr. Okeke Iragunimaa

Chairman, Convention Planning Committee
2020 Port-harcourt National Convention.

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